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  • rolled Puricelli

plastic laminates with a high rate of innovation

The Puricelli group with five production facilities, including the headquarters of Costa Masnaga Italian uneccellenza able to compete on the global market thanks to competence, reliability, flexibility and research. These tenets have transformed the company into a reference point for the laminates plastici.Puricelli options include a type of HPL laminates, HCPL extremely diverse and sophisticated both in decorative appearance that the structural one. Not only. Curiosity and creativity supported by a constantly engaged technical department have created, only nellultimo year, a series of innovative products and services that have earned the highest certification in the volatile emissions. The latest in the house Puricelli Morematt, the composition of which is s the surface is not subject to deterioration. And 'in fact, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, and certified its resistance to heat, light and cold liquid stains. Also antibacterial and fenolfree.

  • plastic laminates Puricelli

Personalized solutions

Innovation of Puricelli also involves Because classic rolled raft of solutions to customize the product. Eye attentive to the needs of its client has stimulated the company to constantly invest in the production, managing to exasperate the most of the potentialities of its lines decorative.La line Decorative Digital, in fact, evidence of the dedication and passion of company for its product in this series can be declined in uninfinit of decors, thanks to unevoluta digital printing. The productive capacity and flexibility companys meet the most diverse needs of its customer, is this unazienda or private, which you might decorate laminate with any image.