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The four installations of Cleaf

Si è Held from 19 to 22 July in Los Angeles, AW-2017, a famous exhibition dedicated to woodworking tools and machineries. Among the exhibitors c&rs was also Cleaf, an Italian company dedicated to the production of innovative surfaces and solutions for the world of 26-rsquo; furnishings and 26-rsquo; interior design, and più In particular of laminated panels, laminates and edges. For the 26th occasion, Cleaf presented a set-up designed by Calvi Brambilla: four installations to demonstrate concrete ways in which its surfaces can be applied. Brambilla si è Inspired by the color tones of "The Four Elements-26", the exhibition concept chosen for 2017. To represent Earth has created a sculpture of horizontal and vertical planes that reminds of the game & House of Cards" By Charles and Ray Eames to simulate the base surfaces; The star structure of the 26-rsquo; Aria reveals the possibilitiesà Of complex surface coatings such as doors. L’ installation recalling l’ Water enhanced the curved surface coating through l’ the image of the marine waves and the superimposed fire elements had the 26-rsquo; Show the details of the shaker door

AWFS, Cleaf's proposals

For AWFS&th edition 2017, one of the most&hop fairs; Important worldwide for woodworking tools and machineries, Cleaf entrusted Calvi Brambilla with the task of creating four installations inspired by the Four Elements“ the four elements. All’ the interior of the 26-rd installation Ground have been presented in absolute preview of the Enamelled Lead Pipe, a surface that enriches the Hyper Materials collection, made up of original solutions, synthesis of technique, materials, style and sustainability- 26-agrave ;. Thanks to the 26th use of innovative acrylic resins applied through the Electron Beam Curing process, Lead looks like an opaque, anti-fingerprint surface, soft to touch and low reflection of light. Pu&memorize options; To be used for both vertical and horizontal applications and è Available in nine colors as rolled panel and edge. “ For us – Explained Alessandro Carrara of Cleaf - è It is important to be able to suggest to designers the areas where our surfaces can be used to give life to mobile and challenging environments in which to live and work. “ Our goal - echoed Fabio Calvi - è It was twofold: to design four iconic installations and a strong visual impact and to tell in an effective but innovative way the possible uses of Cleaf”