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At the start Interzum 2015 Arpa Industriale certainly not lose this opportunity to introduce the new range of colors and an unusual format for Fenix u200bu200bNtm, winner of the "Best of the best" Interzum Award 2015 in the category "materials and surfaces". This victory adds to last year's international awards earned by the innovative nanotechnological material for the interior design.Arpa Industrial also has the novelty realtive to HPL: a diverse selection of decorative and trendy finishes to the laminate collection high pressure, ready to stimulate Lestro of architects and designers.

  • Fenix u200bu200bNtm

Fenix u200bu200bNtm

But back to Fenix: what is it exactly? Fenix u200bu200bNtms a nanotech super opaque material: it is an innovative product for linterior design, created by Arpa Industriale and realized thanks to the new generation resins developed by the search for ArpaLab and with the aid of nanotechnology, which endow this new material properties out of the ordinary, opening a brand new street in dellinterior design world. With a low light reflection, its very matte surface, anti fingerprints and pleasantly soft touch.Grazie nanotechnology, Fenix u200bu200bNtms regenerates from any micro-scratches to about the termoriparabilit, as also emphasized by the choice of his name. Fenix u200bu200bNtms also highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, to rubbing and to dry heat as well as to impact, acids, solvents and household reagents. He unalta abatement activity of bacteria that makes its hygienic surface and easy to clean. also water-repellent and anti-mold. Because of its special features, Fenix u200bu200bNtms can be used for both horizontal and vertical surfaces and in many typical dellinterior design applications in residential or commercial environment: from kitchens to bathrooms, as a material for tops, for coating doors, doors and walls, for splash protection walls; dallhospitality allhealthcare, to furniture items such as tables, bookcases, chairs, partitions. Its surface properties make it a material with very high performance and can also be a viable alternative to the solid surface and the glass, with the most advantage of easy workability.