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  • cleaf door kit

An innovative solution for covering the door

Cleaf is an Italian company specialized in the creation of surfaces and innovative solutions for the furniture and interior design sectors, more precisely melamine, laminated and edging panels. Experimentation and innovation are the basic elements of company policy and the novelty of 2018 is the Kit Porte, an integrated door lining solution designed for manufacturers but also for designers. In other words, it is a series of materials that are coordinated to cover all the components of a door: the panel, the edge and the cover plate. Thanks to cutting patterns and optimal combinations of sense of vein, it is possible to create customized and perfectly compatible coatings. We start from the panel; immediately after selecting the one that is considered most suitable and that best responds to personal tastes, the solutions for batting, edge and banding appear. All materials are found together and the packaging guarantees maximum protection in the face of a small footprint. You choose among 23 different finishes of departure, including Linette, inspired by the freshly cut wooden boards; Ametis, which imitates the body and texture of the shantung; Ares, inspired instead to the urban walls typical of industrial architecture.

  • cleaf door panel

How the Door Kit works

The Cleaf Door Kit allows you to cover every element of the door with coordinated materials, so as to obtain an aesthetic result in the sign of total harmony and elegance. But let's see more in detail how it works. First of all it is necessary to indicate the finish that is considered most suitable for the door panel: for example Matrix, an interesting combination between a craft vision and an industrial process. Please note that the finishes are proposed in different shades; in the case of the Matrix there are almost thirty. To continue with the example, by selecting Matrix LN67 Canion Oak we obtain the finishes for the covering of the other door elements, to be precise: Orthogonal Coordinate Finish: OrionBase Door and Port Edge: Matrix LN67 Canyon Cover: Top Matrix LN67 CanyonE also possible to combine horizontal vein direction for the panel to the vertical vein direction for the cover or choose the horizontal vein for both elements. With its Door Kit, in addition, Cleaf allows you to choose between different cutting patterns.