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  • decorative laminates of Puricelli

decorative laminates

The decorative laminate proposals from major manufacturers are numerous in terms of appearance and original finishes for use for the interior decoration and furniture and alluniverso dellarredamento. A decorative laminate a highly modular adhesive sheet generally 50 cm in width and variable length depending on the customer requirements, whose applications are practically no limiti.Un laminate can be applied to windows, to the walls with smooth tiles , panels or furniture. In particular laminates Print HPL (High Pressure Laminates), are high pressure laminates, whose exceptional durability and resistance to all types of stress are guaranteed at European level. Among the major manufacturers of laminates, it ditingue Puricelli, whose range based on an intense research and development activities.

  • decorative laminate Puricelli

Puricelli rolled

The Formoflex of Puricelli, in the first image a decorative laminate supported by a consistent and flexible layer that allows its use for coating of ashlars or other decorative elements that need a more robust body to attenuate the irregularities of the support to which It must be pasted. It can be supplied in the version with the body completely white or neutral color to match it to the decorative colors legno.Nella second image, here Puriflex, always of Puricelli, a laminate composed of a decorative layer and another instead constituted by a support of parchment plants with remarkable qualities of flexibility. The decorative surface treated with melamine resin particularly plastic, which makes the product specifically indicated for the coating of vertical surfaces that can present two-dimensional roundness