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Serrandine Rauvolet Glass-Line and Metallic-Line

During the 2017 edition of Sicam, the International Furniture Manufactory, Accessories and Semi-finished Furniture Industry which is organized every year in Pordenone, the Swiss company Rehau has presented its new kitchen furniture accessories. Very well-liked Rauvolet, a range of high-quality shutter systems that optimizes space and surface utilization through practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions. The Rauvolet shingles, which are laid out in 5 different design lines, including Vetro-Line and Metallic-Line, guarantee quick access with a high freedom of movement and a smooth and silent scroll; they also take advantage of all the technical and functional benefits of Rehau systems by forming components for kitchens, offices, stays or shops. Thanks to their linearity and formal cleansing, and the absence of doors that create disruption, they add a plus of style and refinement to any environment. Rehau offers 7 mechanisms for vertical use, 9 profile geometries and 27 colors and decorative styles that stimulate the creativity of interior designers. Profiles, guides and accessories can be chosen and combined according to individual needs and preferences. Numerous customized solutions are available thanks to the availability of different versions: steel, wood, transparent and colored. The Rauvolet shingles can be combined with the surfaces of the Reah Rauvisio Brilliant, Crystal, Wave and Karat collections for a result of the praticity and the utmost aesthetic harmony.

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Innovative and versatile door solutions

Designed primarily for the kitchen environment but also suited to the living area and other environments such as offices and shops, the Rauvolet Rehau systems are innovative, versatile and very practical solutions. Solutions also distinguished by a high and attractive aesthetic performance. The Swiss company allows you to choose from 5 design lines; great consents are getting the Rauvolet Vetro-Line and Rauvolet Metallic-Line serrandine. The first ones are characterized by a reduced width of the guides and the high-gloss lamellas in tempered glass with matte finish, load-bearing and scratch-resistant, creating flat front surfaces, enhancing the environment with light and transparency reflections. The Rauvolet Vetro-Line glass effect system available in the rear sliding versions and cassette system and in different colors. The Rauvolet Metallic-Line system combines the advantages of polymers with essential aesthetics: the discreet metal effect and the thin guides fit perfectly into the minimalism that is so popular in this period. Available in aluminum finish and brushed steel, the Rauvolet Metallic-Line slats are available in 3 different heights: 20, 25 and 50 mm. Like all Rehau-like solutions, this also has a balancing mechanism that makes the vertical sliding smooth and silent, without having to exert particular strength.