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ante kitchens Attimec Italy

Attimec Italy offers to purchase departments and designers unampia range of cuisines doors, both classical and contemporary

furniture doors

Purchasing offices and designers can count on Attimec Italiaper the door for furniture, sopratuttto solid wood doors, veneer, sliced u200bu200band ...

Doors for furniture Attimec

Attimec collaborates with architects, to fully meet the needs of business customers with products with high quality standards, for specialist destinations. This, combined with decades of an experience, appear to be the key issues for proposing durable accessories, well made and functional, modern design and sophisticated. Attimec has continuously proposed a production concept where technical innovation mixes with genialit and expansion efforts of the production department and the center projects. Accessories must ensure the least visual impact on the end-use applications: the purpose of Attimec to find a solution to technical problems preventing them affect the appearance, facilitating a high level of customization by the client companies. An entrepreneurial reality that provides its customers with the expertise of a highly trained and skilled team: all this Attimec, which offers an extensive range of accessories The industry elartigiano furnishing.