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The doors modern furniture perfectly interpret any stylistic need, from contemporary to classic: the grants acquired offices can choose from various ...

Doors for furniture Techinform

Continuous evolution, modernization, great preparation allow Techinform to evolve and expand its core business. From active Techinform time on the market between the major players in the production of components for the furniture The industry, which caters to an extensive collection of items. Best certifications guarantee the quality of each component proposed by Techinform. The use of advanced technology and appropriate monitoring tools, allow Techinform to provide elements of such quality and to be considered as the benchmark in the industry and the furniture craftsman with its vast collection of items. From design to production, through to commissioning of the piece work, Techinform acts in contact with the customer: assures us the answer most suitable for specific applications. Techinform a brand intended to preempt the demands of business customers and provide innovative answers quickly. It acts competitively on the market, equipped with technical know how and be able to find solutions and even anticipate possible problems of client companies.