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FAB, national leader not only in the production of modern doors, but also in plastic laminate components and melamine, proposes to a wide range of ...

Doors for furniture FAB

Progress at every stage of production, the professionalism of an enthusiastic group, the spirit of enterprise, asks and ingenuity are the cornerstones that distinguish FAB, will accompany the growth path and ensure positive outcomes. In action on the market for decades, FAB meets the industry and the furniture craftsman with a full range of items. The entrepreneurial spirit, along with experience which has continuously invested make it a reference for manufacturers in the furniture industry, duly to the large range of elements for the specific function, that meet the most diverse needs. The elements designed by FAB are possible thanks to investments in research and development, that allow the FAB to try new materials and finishes, and to propose new mixes, as well as to develop the production processes. The collaboration of design studios, designers and technicians allows to develop elements truly able to meet the actual needs of customers, with whom FAB maintains an ongoing dialogue. FAB venture between the major players in the production of components for the furniture The industry. The FAB reiterated that guarantee durability warranty also by prestigious certifications obtained by each product brand, which observes the guidelines. The challenge of each project? anticipate customer demands, which call for innovative responses in fast times and develop customized solutions.