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Doors for kitchens

Doors of great value, luxury and contemporary but also classic doors or curved and custom-made: for kitchen doors, anyway. This is the core business of Attimec Italy, whose main objective has always lies in providing the range of customer unampia prodotti.Dunque not only kitchen doors, but also accessories that complement the range: doors curves , columns, turned columns, friezes, cornices, rails, midway. The enterprise offers a complete, flexible range, able to satisfy every need. The evolutionary capacity companys and its design orientation and to identify a quality approach aimed at continuous improvement of the service and any offer itself.

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Anta kitchen Attimec

The organization particularly efficient Attimec Italy as to provide full technical support to the individual requirements of the client, through the development and customization of new models, combining woods, finishes and structural types. The production process technologically cutting edge ensures a firm end product of considerable quality. Continuous research in the design of the lines and product functionality has always characterized the spirit of Attimec Italy, which will exhibit all the news of allimminente Sicam In the second image, which is visible a door of the Luxury series with solid alder frame and MDF panel ashlar Greek marked on the inner profile and closed pore lacquer finish, antiqued next to a door in the series Modern, with frame and panel-grained olive ash wood with wavy frontal planes. open pore lacquered finish with Dekap.