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  • doors for kitchens and bathrooms

Constant innovation for the doors

Since 1990, G&D is specialized in pre-production for kitchens and bathrooms. The company grew over time according to innovation, anticipating the fashions, choosing a more larger premises to give more space to the products and customer needs. G&D was born in Pesaro in 1983, into one of the most important furniture districts dItalia and mondo.G&D proud of their craftsmanship: a close contact with the raw materials, in a direct relationship with customers, with the utmost attention to detail. Lanta is the most sought after part of a mobile and the quality of unanta depends largely on raw materials. This is why the company always looking for new solutions, materials or combinations of highly innovative materials that make it a unique and unrepeatable. Today, technology allows not only to improve the quality of the final product but also save time and money. And the G&D takes full advantage, using advanced equipment and perfect rationalization of production flows.

  • doors for kitchens and bathrooms

Maximum flexibility in record time

MDF doors, classical and modern, with shiny satin glass. matt lacquer, glossy, embossed. Ante straight and curves even for the most sophisticated requirements. In the vast catalog of G&D products, there are no limits to the imagination: in materials, processes, shapes, thicknesses, coatings and colori.Oltre to series production, the always available enterprise in achieving ad hoc ante on specific needs. Ante up too far for the contract sector, without quantitative restrictions. And 'you can send a file autocad, design or simply dellanta measures, entrusting the firm's technical study and finalization of the project. Large, small and medium-sized enterprises, wholesalers and retailers: for all these clients G&D is a partner.

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