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  • fitted wardrobes

Furniture hinges.

A cabinet door is an essential, in fact, fundamental detail in a piece of furniture or composition. Often, it is the cabinet door that makes the difference and guides a potential customer in one direction of purchase rather than another. For example, a hypothetical modern, high-quality wardrobe can be characterized by pairs of doors with different thicknesses that can develop a handle at their meeting point. The left doors, with a thickness of 25 mm, could be available in matte lacquer, glossy lacquer, different lacquered and veneered oaks, glossy or satin lacquered glass, contrasting with the right doors, which are 35 mm thick, perhaps characterized by finishes in lacquered and veneered oak. This way, it is possible to create tone-on-tone effects or contrasts. We are therefore far from the development of linear and "old-fashioned" doors: today the best manufacturers offer infinite possibilities of choice to architects and industry professionals. In the first image, a series of doors produced by Topstar, a company specializing in the production of doors for furniture in different areas of the house, which can be customized in terms of shapes, surface finishes, dimensions, and edgings, thanks to the exclusive use of polyurethane adhesives. Topstar, headquartered in Monbaroccio (PU), also produces customized worktops and elements.

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