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Ante Kitchen

Let's start with a story of its topical allultima edition of Interzum: the jury of Interzum award "Intelligent material & Design 2015" in collaboration with Red Dot? Awarded High product quality in Plan.a Handle Scilm, lanta cuisine that combines light weight with a total indeformabilit characteristics and excellent dimensional stability. In short Plan.a of Scilm not a fad, but a type of door that is fully part in the catalog of cooks to satisfy aesthetically and technologically discriminating customers seeking eternal products.

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Anta kitchen Scilm

The innovative system created by Scilm that supports lanta plan.a combines the advantages dellalluminio with the ease of processing of the panel doors. In fact, the lightness and allestrema customization possibility of this door, it combines the simplicity of fixing handles and accessories to the finished product. Plan.a about 40 # 37 lighter than a corresponding door in melamine. Even in large size Plan.a maintains its perfect linearity combining the benefits dellalluminio unestetica with refined and timeless. Plan.a has further enhanced its features by introducing some very interesting changes: improves the feeling with linserimento of a sound-absorbing polypropylene panel; increases the range of colors, so the customization, the side and the retro.Il profile in Plan.a equipped with anti-shock insignia aluminum profile, even more rounded and less perceptible, which solve the problem of the typical sharp edges of metal doors . One hundred percent waterproof and resistant, even in critical applications (large sliding doors, refrigerator and close doors with stove and dishwasher plans), Plan.a boxed in the back with a alluminio.E sheet was also subjected to Catas tests heat resistance according to UNI9242 / 87 legislation and A1 / 98 and reported 40 to 90 degrees: no you experience unsticking Scilm recently presented new finishes of the aluminum front doors that join the classic proposals such as glass: anodized , painted, with or without texture.

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