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furniture hinges salice titanium

Past, present and future, all in one finish

Introducing the PS48 system Cinetto last year took a step into the future. The system, which we will illustrate, susciter the attention of designers ...

mechanism superimposed Bortoluzzi Systems

Bortoluzzi systems Interzum has invited visitors to view the innovative sliding mechanism superimposed Glow, plus mostar them an overview of its ...

Numerous features are combined in a single solution for the doors sliding systems offered by Cinetto

The Group Pozzi, with the company System Holz, proposes to purchase departments and profile design studies for advanced aluminum doors

seals for folding doors Free Hafele flap

A range of folding doors and sliding that can satisfy any need for purchasing offices and design studios of the great names of the cabinet: it offers ...

Geze sliding systems

The reduced from internal to manual sliding door systems of Geze sizes are highly appreciated by professionals in the furniture sector

Cinetto sliding system

Cinetto offers to buyers of mobile sliding systems companies to facilitate the movement of drawers, doors, flush doors, and so on

willow glow

Glow+, a sliding system for wardrobes with 2, 3 or more overlapping doors, is now equipped with a revolutionary magnetic damping system that ...