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  • sliding systems for doors

Sliding systems for doors

Sliding systems in furniture, wardrobes and furnishings improve the quality of life, as they smooth the movements of doors, drawers or other elements, making daily actions more dynamic. In fact, innovation in sliding systems is a challenge for all producers in the sector and a company like Cinetto, with the introduction of the new PS48 system, is taking a step in the future.

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Doors: the most advanced sliding systems

The new concept of overlapping sliding doors stands out in terms of flexibility, versatility, multifunctionality and safety. Several features are grouped in a single solution in these sliding systems for doors: high load capacity available for many door thicknesses, availability of two types of soft-closing invisible after assembly, double anti-slip device. In addition, PS48 offers the opportunity to use the new B-Moved Electric Motion Cinetto concept, which will provide an unparalleled sliding experience.