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furniture hinges willow titanium

Salice realizes hinges for furniture finishing titanium to meet the needs of aesthetics and durability as well as the versatility ...

Clip Top Blumotion are hinges for high-quality furniture, elegant design and its high quasiasi type of leaf movement comfort.

Salice Air Push

Air, the new and revolutionary Salice hinge, is a perfect synthesis of aesthetics and efficiency

Intelligent hardware Hettich

Nellambito functions, offices last time purchases and designers were able to see the effectiveness of intelligent hardware Hettich

Adex Award for Lapis Salice

Lapis of Salice, one of the most innovative products, won a big international recognition: lADEX 2015 Platinum.

zip Ferrari

At the booth of Ferrari last Interzum, buyers and designers have admired the latest version of the F-1 faired drawer box


Salice tells purchasing departments and planners that its range of glass accessories is further expanded with the introduction of a new plaque ...

Monolift Samet

Purchasing offices are well aware that the furniture hinge one of the key elements of the entire functional hardware. Beside the basic models, they ...

zip Pozzi Group

Offices purchases potr affect the fact that the Wells Group is the only Italian company to produce a range of hinges complete office furniture and ...

Smove Willow

Smove Salice years ago it introduced in the furniture industry the concept of deceleration for doors and drawers. Salice has just proposed to a new ...

The Sicam of Pordenone, Impro Bitter, the top zipper design proposed by Samet range become even more sophisticated, arousing the interest of ...

Lapis Salice

A responsible for planning and purchasing offices of major furniture brands, Salice offers Lapis, the new family of Silentia hinges with decelerating ...

STM guides

Purchasing offices and designers of furniture-office sector can rely on STM, manufacturer of hinges, drawer slides and other components

tape hinges

For purchases in the mobile offices, Del Corno di Canzo a reference enterprise, specializing in the field of tape hinges and functional hardware

Hettich hinges

Hettich offers a type of hardware with innovative features that affect a lot of the purchasing offices of major mobile brands

zip Samet

In the following article, we will introduce the functional Samet hardware, Turkish company the industry leader

Furniture Hinges

Furniture hardware and functional practices are presented by a market leader such as Ferrari: purchasing departments can find excellent opportunities ...

Salice Titanium

Among the major providers of hinges, Salice launched the Titanium line, with titanium finish