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  • zip Samet

The range of products Samet

2400 Samet offers functional, durable products engineered, innovative in technology and design, to make your life easy and gradevole.Cerniere in all possible variables, including next-generation soft closing; classic guides and concealed runners in various forms and extractions (like Slidea, driving concealed by elegant design and impeccable functionality); systems of simple drawers and reels of different size, equipped with accessories and interior organizers; vertical opening systems and LED lighting technology for kitchens and bedrooms. essential characteristic of functional hardware Samet the design orientation, no common element in this area.

  • Impro Samet hinge

The Impro hinges

The hinge Impro port on the mobile accessories market a new point of view, providing the closure of the doors a cushioned technology totally customizable according to the characteristics and needs of the mobile cliente.Impro the first zipper with soft-closing technology where you are you to adjust the closing speed, thanks to a special wheel with 5 different degrees of cushioning, which can also be totally disabled.