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Double pocket door system with cam-assisted door extraction and cushioned door insertion

New treatment with soft touch effect


The highly versatile Pin family expands once more with the introduction of a new product variation that enables the orderly and functional ...

EvoLift opening systems cover all applications of single flap doors, folding doors, parallel opening doors and swing opening doors.

Futura Push synchronizer by Salice

The synchronisation system for Push-open Futura runners has been developed to ensure that drawers of any width can be opened with minimum effort.

Salice universal hinge

The Salice universal hinge has been developed to provide a solution to most applications in the field of furniture doors. The hinge can be used with ...

Salice Excessories Night Collection

Salice presents Excessories, its first collection of accessories with the highest aesthetics-functional qualities.

Pin is the innovative and revolutionary display storage system. Available in three versions, Pin Wine, Pin Knife and Pin Shelf, Pin allows the most ...

Silentia+, the most advanced deceleration system available, delivers a consistently perfect closing action across a truly comprehensive range of ...

Shelf, the bottom-fixed runner for pull-out shelves, is now available with a lock-open function.

Split is the system of division and storage compartments that allows the freest and most personalised organisation of drawer interiors. It is ...

Pacta is a compact hinge for fall flaps which operates without the need for additional stays or cables.

Wind by Salice

The new lifting system allows a marginal encumbrance inside the body and a minimum and pleasant impact.

furniture hinges salice titanium

Past, present and future, all in one finish

Salice Air Push

The new and revolutionary Salice hinge, is a perfect synthesis of aesthetics and functionality.

The subtle titanium finish increases its aesthetic value, giving additional elegance and expanding its versatility.

Salice presented Air, ideal combination of efficiency and style, as well as lightness and functionality

A stylish and elegant drawer system, which can be conspicuously branded and is also available in pull-out columns and high-storage options. That’s ...

Lineabox Willow

The same components that make up the drawer can also be used to create under-sink and the sink waste cut-out drawers.

The new and innovative metal drawer system of the future

willow glow

Glow+, a sliding system for wardrobes with 2, 3 or more overlapping doors, is now equipped with a revolutionary magnetic damping system that ...

Willow eclipse system

EXEDRA, the most advanced pocket door system

The new lift system has strong functional appeal and takes up a minimum of valuable storage space.

Smove is the special device used to soften the closing action of any furniture door, thus decreasing the noise produced by its closing.