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A stylish and elegant drawer system, which can be conspicuously branded and is also available in pull-out columns and high-storage options. That’s Lineabox. This new and innovative metal drawer system by Salice combines sophisticated design with high efficiency, easy assembly and extreme versatility. As with under-sink and sink waste cut-out drawers, the same components that make up the drawer can also be used to create pull-out columns and high storage units. No additional components are required. These versions are 2-sided in metal and the height of their sides can be varied according to customer requirements. The available finishes are white, titanium, champagne and stainless steel. In the kitchen, pull-out columns and highstorage units can be used to accommodate bottles or spice racks or as general storage drawers. A single product, multiple applications. Combining functionality, design and versatility, the drawer Lineabox feels at home in every setting.