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  • Willow eclipse system
  • Willow system for concealed doors eclipse

The most advanced pocket door system

Exedra is a pocket door system with assisted sliding action that is enhanced by a linear damping system to gently control the movement of the door as it slides in and out of the pocket. An innovative evolution of pocket door systems, Exedra refines and improves the deceleration concept to give a smooth, fluent, uniform and noiseless movement, regardless of the speed of door insertion. Exedra is also equipped with a Smove damper, which is fixed on the profile and confers a perfect decelerating effect on the door during the closing movement. Exedra enables a significant functional optimisation of space and can be used in a host of application – from larder units for kitchens, to hide away appliances like washing machines, freezers or even sinks; in living rooms for media or library units; in bedroom wardrobes and in office storage applications.