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  • Lineabox Willow


Elegance and design, flexibility and personalisation. Lineabox, the new metal drawer system from Salice, with its streamlined and sophisticated aesthetics and quick and easy assembly, is a highly versatile and customisable product. The same components that make up the drawer can also be used to create under-sink and the sink waste cut-out drawers. No additional components are required - the two drawers are formed simply by cutting the back and the bottom sections according to the under-sink dimensions. As for traditional drawers, these versions too are available in 3 different heights and can be 3- sided in metal or 2- sided with the drawer front and back made of wood. Its elegant and refined finishes complete the picture: white, titanium, champagne and stainless steel. The elegant and versatile Lineabox, one of the thinnest drawers ever, can easily satisfy each customer’s need.