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The new and innovative metal drawer system of the future

Lineabox, the new and innovative metal drawer system of the future, is characterized by clean and simple lines and by a streamlined and sophisticated aesthetics. A product that combines beauty with functionality, harmonious forms with practicality. Many distinguishing features makes it a unique and unparalleled drawer. Totally uncluttered with holes or assembly components, it is available in 3 different heights and can be 4 and 3 sided in metal or also 2 sided with the drawer back made of wood. The slim 9mm wall thickness makes Lineabox one of the thinnest drawers ever. Lineabox is very versatile and highly customisable. The back dimensions can be personalised according the width of the cabinet. The sliding movement is fluid and silent. This light and thin drawer is suitable for all applications including: kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and office furniture. It can be also used as sink waste cut-out drawer, under-sink drawer and in pull-out column units. Elegant and refined finishes complete the picture: white, titanium, champagne and stainless steel.