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scorrevola Placard Emuca system

A purchasing departments and designers potr affect the Placard sliding system Emuca, recommended for cabinets and cabins

Villes last Sicam

Last Expo Sicam of Pordenone, Villes presented to buyers and designers of the sector the 5600 Series, the new patented sliding system

sliding systems Gap Italy

Gap Italy introduces buyers and design studies its advanced sliding systems Sicam 2014, besides the other ranges

Slide Tech Optima

Bohle has amplicato its selection of glass furniture hardware in recent years: purchasing departments of the sector can count on this important brand ...

new sliding system

Wicona provides designers, installers and office furniture sector purchasing a new lift-sliding system, in addition to its traditional assortment

sliding and hinged doors systems

sliding and advanced swing by Krona Koblenz, known to purchasing departments and designers for its products of impeccable quality

Geze sliding systems

The reduced from internal to manual sliding door systems of Geze sizes are highly appreciated by professionals in the furniture sector