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Furnishing wheels Perazzolo

One of the largest companies for wheels Perazzolo furnishings, whose production meets all the specific needs of customers

Funeral Hardware Perazzolo

Perazzolo has a consolidated leadership role in the industry for the sake of modernization, high level of each component, evolved production processes, credibility, promptness in customer service. The components designed by Perazzolo have obtained the main certifications that indicate the quality. With a variety of functional Ferramenta models and a capillary distribution, Perazzolo meets the furniture industry and craftsman, whereby an authoritative interlocutor has been recognized. Denial in dialogue with design studios, designers and technicians: it allows us to develop components that can really facilitate the real customer needs. At the request of an ever-evolving industry, Perazzolo can respond effectively and quickly with a wide range of functional Hardware. Perazzolo implements a commitment policy to continuously streamline production facilities, develop methods and streamline production processes.