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  • Furnishing wheels Perazzolo

swivel wheels for furniture

apartments often require small furnishings, furniture and chairs that can be moved quickly, easily and without damaging the floors, using them from time to time where necessary and optimizing space. Offices, tables, chairs but also drawers with wheels have thus moved in abitazioni.Impiegate in numerous products to increase mobility and enhance their functionality, wheels and castors for furniture are made of different components. A wheel to function perfectly must be mounted on a support able to allow the rotation and sliding on a surface, in an easy way. The plastic wheels are constituted by a hub, which is the central part of the wheel, lassale constructed with a tube made of metallic or plastic material and a screw to secure the wheel to the support. In the market there are many types of plastic wheels.

  • Furnishing wheels Perazzolo

The specialist of the swivel wheels

Among the main companies of wheels for furniture, for over thirty years stands Perazzolo, whose production meets all the specific needs of customers. Those who come to know that Perazzolo can find products in series, both in small and in massive quantities. Similarly, the enterprise Vicenza offers a great customization, both in the choice of materials, both in the technical specifications of the wheels that will be designed and built. The swivel wheels for furniture can be used for any need of interior, such as chairs, tables and coffee tables, computer furniture door, racks, kitchen carts, stender hangers. Also included are various types of hooks and supports and is guaranteed the use of the best materials, anti-scratch and silent, such as plastic, rubber, nylon, polyurethane. Are designed wheels for furniture intended for different usage flooring, such as linoleum, tile, wood, parquet, and are guaranteed the best of attacks systems and media, ensuring maximum smoothness. The wheels are equipped with locking brakes on request, to meet the different needs of customers finali.Limpresa, specializing in the production of wheels and castors, as well as a sliding pin, available in different materials, from rubber to plastic, or metal with protective slip. The realization of legs, instead of the wheels, allows a great flexibility of use, especially in the field of interior furnishing. The slip feet are an excellent solution in the design of interior of the furniture, beds, wardrobes, dressers, kitchen cart or table, computer furniture door or TV stand, we would like to be able to move easily, keeping for wheels hidden to our eyes.