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  • Maco hardware

Functional fittings with high added value

For more than 50 years, Maco on the market for the sale of hardware and accessories for mobile, a true leader in the production of snap ratchets, magnetic locks, wheels, slides, Wall brackets, leveling, shelf supports, cable glands and fittings in genere.Tutti wide range of products are manufactured using the finest materials and are characterized by unampia possibility of finishes and colors to meet all the demands of the mobile manufacturing companies, designers, craftsmen and consumers also that draw on the territorial distribution.

  • Functional hardware Maco

Excellence from start to finish of the process

After all machining, assembly and the quality control, from Maco each product is packaged according to size, material and sales needs. This delicate process, no less important than the others, guarantees the integrity of the product during shipment to customers and storage in accordance with the storage criteria and Traceability of prodotti.Maco a long tradition brand and projected with all its values u200bu200bin the future, thanks to the entrepreneurial dynamism, able to make the right choices at the right time, making possible a success that is repeated year after year, product after product, customer after customer; Maco choose means to raise the quality of the cabinet.