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  • Wheels for furniture

Wheels for furniture, a niche sector

Since the 1960s, Emilsider, whose foundation dates back to 1956, has been producing pins for fixing castors for furniture as well as metal castors for furniture.In 1975 the range was expanded with the production of twin castors, developed through new patented construction techniques using a particular blend, of the Emilsider formula, relating to some plastic components. These strategies were the basis of the two ideal characteristics required for the product: simultaneous resistance to wear and tear.

  • wheel decor

The Emiring wheel

The result of a long and laborious project, with the contribution of new materials and new technologies, the Emiring wheel by Emilsider combines design with good functionality.It is able to overcome the most stringent requirements of the EN 12529 and BIFMA X 5.1 standards. . Emilsider has applied for patents to protect the model and construction technique of the "Emiring" and the customer only has to make sure that each model is marked with the "EMI" logo, to guarantee the originality and functionality of the product. “Emiring” in two versions: one without safety brake; that is, with rotating parts that are always free, for non-European markets; another with safety brake, according to EN 12529, but with the possibility of decreasing and / or deactivating the braking force. This version is made using a special screw system, inserted in the lower part of the wheel.