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  • Geze sliding systems

Cutting edge for 150 years

Geze, an important European company in the area of u200bu200bcontrol systems, automation and safety of doors and windows in all kinds of application, following the motto On The Move !, from 1863 celebrated 150 years of activity. Value added the watchword of Geze, which always has the mission to offer products with high technological value, high quality raw materials and production processes studied in minute dettagli.Tra the most known products stands Levolan 60, the system for internal sliding manual doors, elegant and compact size (50x50mm) with full allintegrazione technology accessories in the guide rail.

  • Geze sliding system

Ecosostenibilit: a guideline

Great value is given to the sustainable management of Geze THE ENVIRONMENT. The prevention of environmental pollution considered not only in the development of new products, following the maximum comfort of use, allowing easy access to all and allow energy savings, but also in all the accomplishments related to the environment, to the point to obtain ISO 14001 certification another top product offered by Geze Perlan AUT-NT, which guarantees the automazioneper interior sliding glass doors and wood with glass clamps and leaf weight up to 80 kg. Perlan AUT-NT Low-Energy complies with the standard DIN 18650 / EN 16005.