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Silentia+: a truly comprehensive range of hinges for a perfect closing action

Technological development, innovation and excellent performance incorporated into a single hinge, for use on all kinds of door and in all applications.

Silentia+, the most advanced deceleration system available, delivers a consistently perfect closing action across a truly comprehensive range of hinges for doors of all sizes, weights and applications – Series 100 for light thin doors, Series 200 for thicker doors, Series 300 with a compact 45mm operating profile and Series 700 for doors with a minimum thickness of 16mm.

Consistent with the aesthetics of the first generation of Silentia, with identical dimensions and shape, the decelerating effect is now powered by twin silicone-oil dampers, housed in the hinge cup.

Moreover Silentia+ is equipped with a discreet switch to adjust the deceleration mechanism. The switch enables the closing speed of any size or shape of door to be perfectly adjusted.