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  • Monolift Samet

Systems for folding doors

Samet fifth group worldwide in the field of functional accessories for mobile, won for the second time allIF Design Product Design Award 2015. After the consecration of Elah, customizable cover for hinges, signed by the designer Defne Koz and Marco Susani the innovative and aesthetic design of products Samet is again recognized thanks to Monolift lift systems and Duolift.Sin since 1953, the annual premium German IF design Awards promotes the best international projects. This year the jury, from thousands of manufacturers projects, product developers and designers from more than fifty countries, selected the winners based on various parameters, including quality, design, materials, level dinnovazione, impact on the environment, functionality, ergonomics, delluso aesthetics, safety, brand value and universal design. The second If Design Award won dallazienda through Monolift and Duolift, will come delivered during the ceremony on 27 February in Monaco of Bavaria. In addition, as of February 28, all award-winning products will be exhibited at the Hamburg Trade Fair.

  • Duolift you Samet

Mechanisms for folding doors

Thanks allinnovativo gradual opening mechanism, the lift systems and Monolift DUOLIFT Samet can be locked in the desired location, staying open in perfect safety prior to our coming to a stop. They also offer a special hinge that ensures a mechanism for opening and slow and silent closure and provides an innovative anti-finger pinching mechanism, to put an end to small household accidents and increase duso comfort. Designed to occupy minimal space inside the cabinets with a simple and elegant design, the vertical opening systems Monolift Duolift and are available in white and grigio.Attiva since 1973, Samet leading brand in Turkey and fifth-level group in the world of furniture accessories industry. With more than 2400 products made with a technology suited to modern needs and with an experience of over 40 years, the company ranks among the five global players in the mobile market. Through the motto We give life to furniture, is leading the industry thanks to the strength of its Research and Development Center, composed of 120 members, where all products are tested by means of test functionality, safety and wear. The products developed and tested by the R&S team SAMET are also certified by international bodies such as LGA.