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  • ImproBitter by Samet

design hinges

At the latest edition of the Sicam exhibition in Pordenone, Impro Bitter, the top-of-the-line design hinge created by Samet, has become even more sophisticated. Impro Bitter is presented with a matte black coating specially designed for kitchen, bathroom, and humid environments interior design. The special coating makes the hinge much more resistant to corrosion and moisture, preserving it for longer both in terms of functionality and aesthetics, for long-lasting furniture. The "bitter touch" also adds a decisive touch of style and elegance to the furniture design. Impro Bitter guarantees the same technical characteristics: the latest generation integrated soft-closing can be adjusted to 5 different closing speeds or completely deactivated, according to your furniture's needs.

  • Samet design zipper

Furniture hinges

The Impro Bitter design zipper is just one of the countless proposals found in Samet's catalog. With over 1,100 employees and a total space of 65,000 m2, Samet rightfully positions itself among the global players in the industry, exporting to 90 countries across 5 continents. While the automated machinery for product processing and all products in the range - both plastic and metal - are created in the Istanbul headquarters and managed internally from conception to finished product, Samet is expanding more and more abroad, strengthening its international vocation. Since June 2012, Samet has also opened a new commercial branch in Italy - the homeland of furniture and furnishings. The Italian branch, led by Stefano Minelli, a figure with extensive experience in the world of furniture and interiors, is located in Grassobbio and houses offices, warehouses, and a state-of-the-art showroom. With a vast catalog featuring over 2,400 products, from hinges to guides, from simple and enclosed drawers to vertical opening systems, from fittings to LED lighting technologies, Samet is capable of meeting all market demands, offering a wide range of different accessories in terms of size and characteristics, but united by functionality, safety, and durability.