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  • The same internal movement for folding doors

New interior movement for sliding doors

Also this year, Samet, Turkey's leading brand in functional accessories and furniture furnishing, was the protagonist of Sicam 2015, the International Furniture Manufactory, Semi-finished Furniture and Furniture Accessories at the Pordenone Fair. During the fair, she presented her next-generation drawers and a high-tech shelf movement. The fifth global provider of furniture furniture, Samet could certainly not miss this seventh appointment dedicated to companies operating in international markets.

  • Samet Sicam 2015

Samet: le novit

Samet has introduced, in addition to a large consolidated catalog, which includes hinges, guides, drawer systems and vertical opening mechanisms, all new products launched in 2015. Among the latest news, three products have been shown to be of considerable interest : Smart Flow and Alphabox, the new generation of simple shape drawers with a modern high-tech movement; And D-LITE, the new movement with reduced footprint inside the cabinet. And precisely with regard to D-Lite, innovation in fact also goes through the internal movement for hanging doors and sliding doors. The new movement offers high performance and minimal footprint inside the cabinet as well as being practical, easy to use and high-tech. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, the D-Lite lift opening and closing movement is absolutely silent and has been designed for use in various living spaces, from kitchen to day furniture. D-Lite also offers a gradual opening mechanism that allows you to achieve the desired level depending on your use. Finally, D-Lite is available in different colors for better adaptation to various types of furnishings.