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damping systems drawers and hinges

Ferrari, one of the best-known Italian manufacturers of furniture fittings and hardware has participated in Interzum in Cologne, introducing to the international public the latest version of the F-1 faired drawer boxes, already presented allultima edition of Sicam Pordenone. the new model combines the minimalist and sophisticated design of the lip, which allows better use of the interior space of the drawer, a new sliding system and cushioning, even more silent and efficient than ever before. There are several models available in two colors, silky customizable to meet the most varied demands. The drawers are fitted and removed easily with the aid of a practical invisible handle. F-1 Enclosure provided with guides in total amortized extraction with load capacity of 40 kg and tested up to 80,000 cycles, always with a silent and stable flowability.

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optional damping system for hinges

Among the best-selling Ferrari Wave also stood out the latest exhibitions, the optional damping system for hinges that combines functionality, design and ease of use. The installation quick and easy: Wave mounts directly on the hinge without the usage of any tools. The system ensures silent and effortless closing of doors. Through the adjustment screw can optimize cushioning the effect (-20 # 37 Two step) even after the installation.