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  • Omnia SlowMotion hinge by FGV

Furniture hinges

Omnia SlowMotion is the name of the extraordinary hinge presented by FGV last May during Interzum Cologne. It is a product capable of meeting all market needs with a truly complete series of solutions and applications. Entirely "Made in Italy", it ensures remarkable performance and among the most relevant technical characteristics, we highlight the Rotational SlowMotion Technology for a perfect cushioned movement without rebound, while the AnyClickSystem guarantees an easy and fast fixing in any position. The 3D adjustments are autonomous: quick, simple, precise and intuitive. In Omnia SlowMotion the modern and linear design stands out. It also features greater flank coverage and reversible sideburns. FGV is able to offer a complete assortment of packages and corner solutions and a wide choice of fixing systems.

  • FGV new hinge

FGV hinge

FGV is a leader in the large-scale production of hinges as well as numerous other functional hardware elements and ensures a wide range of solutions that it likes to define "democratic". By exploiting economies of scale and reducing fixed costs, FGV aims to offer quality products at the right price capable of satisfying the needs of the widest range of customers. The message that the company addresses to all market players, from hardware distributors to furniture manufacturers and retailers up to final consumers, is simple: FGV is able to supply quality products, accessible to all.