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  • Opening system FGV

Openings most accessible in the kitchen

FGV (brand Formenti&Giovenzana) proposes a new range of solutions designed specifically in order that The industry mobile, the hardware distributors and retailers can increase their penetration quotas and recover the competitiveness which requires The actual conjuncture of mercato.A this end the company is focused on continuous investment in research and development, new products and equipment. Like the Aero line that offers a wide range of applications: new AeroBus, AeroLoft, AeroSplit, Aerowing, AeroFlap, AEROLIFT. The kitchen design and minimalist modern and the system of alternative openings Aero reliable and cutting-edge solution that responds to the need to design and guarantee immediate access to the interior space of the wall cabinets.

  • Ten of FGV drawer

Organize the space in the kitchen

For the management of space in the kitchen, bathroom or any other room in the house offers the TEN FGV drawer, one of the leading products in the last fairs internazionali.La unrivaled range of products on the market with features and benefits of strong appeal for The industry mobile and hardware distributors throughout the world. The catalog is enriched with a new rack for broad-based, designed to guarantee stability and scorrevolezza.Invece the Domino range of sliding doors subject of interesting implementations and improvements with particular attention to the development of solutions from the right quality / price ratio.