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  • seals for folding doors Free Hafele flap

Seals for hinged flap doors Free

The Hfele market leader in the design and manufacturing of hardware for furniture, buildings and electronic locking systems. Thanks to the wide range available, Hfele The industry provides the furniture and kitchen, as well as distributors and decorators Dinterni in over 150 countries. Among the latest novelties include the cranks for Free Flap flap doors: the opening of the wall units with mechanisms without the use of evolving hinges and the undisputed trend of the moment. Hfele is therefore adapted to this trend.

  • New Hfele flap mechanisms for folding doors

New mechanisms Flap

The opening of the upward folding flap doors Free practice and design and allows you to fully access the roof avoiding lingombro the doors. The new Hfele flap mechanisms have been designed to improve the comfort of use, the ease and speed of installation by following precisely those which are the main demands of the market. Free a new family, modular and therefore very flexible. With the model Free flap and new variants fold Free, Free and Free up swing, Hfele offers the right solution for every type of opening.