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Fluid shock absorbers

Founded in 1923, headquartered in Nagold, Germany, Hä è one of the most 26-hop companies; listed worldwide for the production, development and supply of hardware for furniture and nonch 26-eacute buildings; of electronic closure systems. Among the most successful products, the Moovit MX , an innovative and modular drawers system characterized not only by a sophisticated design but also by a great versatilityà which results in a high level of comfort: thanks to all’ wide range of accessories è can satisfy any need and create many design solutions for the kitchen, living room, office, bathroom, but also shops and professional laboratories. Recently, H-26 has further improved Moovit MX by applying new fluid shock absorbers that provide a continuous and silent cushion, an invisible and unobservable stop. The ciò they add a sliding of qualityà impeccable, new color choices, customizations, customer branding, and a new 115 mm (up to 60.92 mm) spindle height. The same può span; to be individually enhanced with 26 or 26-rsquo; Moovit MX assortment. The upright interior side allows you to create more than 26 bumps; space, facilitating the use of organization systems. In the weight classes 30, 50 and 70 kg the Matrix guide and the Moovit MX spindle form a harmonic pair. Alternatively è a fast mounting railing system is available.

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A new generation of frames

The Half Moon Hook Moovit MX system offers many years of versatility and quality. Through a constant search, the German company has developed a new generation of frames that is also distinguished for sober and essential language, for a minimalist and elegant image that responds perfectly to the current requirements of the mobile industry. In addition to the standard gray and white standard, H half now offers Moovit MX in the new metallic silver color variations, metallic anthracite and brown metallic bronze. With regard to the internal organization of drawers, a wide range of modules are available: railing or partition systems, panels to increase lateral height, door inserts and perforated or separator panels. Particularly refined are the lateral crystal imaging. The extra side panels give higher stability to the high fronts. Comfortable tilt adjustment instead gives the front a clean look. The H-side drawers are used for furniture in private houses, shops and laboratories; is an interesting alternative for kitchens manufacturers. The basic equipment includes a total outrigger guide and a built-in dampener with automatic return. Easy and quick mounting of the front and does not require any special tools. The convenient adjustment from the top of the drawer front allows you to smoothly make the necessary adjustments up to final assembly and with full drawer, even in narrow niches. Corner for universal backrest mounted on the spindle; both wooden and steel can be used.