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  • Free swing Hfele, the mechanism for garage doors

Mechanisms flap doors

Hfele last Sicam 2014 introduced The entire family Free, innovative folding door systems. The entire range available as of now on the market. Whether lanta should be opened mechanically or electrically, to be raised, bent or rotated the Free mechanisms bring new value to the furniture, as well as an increase of nellutilizzo.Le efficient lift systems allow greater freedom in the design of furniture, offrendoun clear functional advantage over the classical solution for hinged door. But above all, they give them refinement and elegance. The Free of Hfele family represents a range of mechanisms for doors to completely new spotlight, conceived as a modular system characterized by unelevata flexibility of use. Free flap mechanisms to 1.7 and 3.15, already widely used by Hfele customers globally, were joined fold Free, Free and Free up swing, which complete the series going to cover all movements dapertura possible. These mechanisms are more subtle (in design), light pi (nellutilizzo) and the simplest (in the assembly) .One of the goals that it set itself with Free Hfele was to develop mechanisms and reduced dallingombro minimal design: the result was a compact and thinner design that allows them to increase the space inside the cabinet. Lestetica of mechanisms was also revised through the shell, available in two colors, which further enhances the compactness. There are also different types of fixing depending on the material of the doors.

  • Free up by Hfele

Opening systems flap doors

Among the objectives of Hfele there was the implementation of the comfort of use and the improvement dellaccesso inside of the cabinet. All doors systems flap Free, in fact are distinguished by the fluid movement and for a particular lightness. For optimum comfort, this is the multi-position stop function: the Free mechanisms can be adjusted precisely according to the weight of the doors; in this way the front can be stopped in any position (stop multiposition), thereby making the handle easily accessible even to small people statura.La close mechanism always assures a delicate operation and silent. Another advantage of the Free mechanisms for flap doors consisting dallelevata efficiency in the assembly phase. The positioning pins will in fact allow you to mount even with only one hand, a feature unique in the lift systems. Dellanta mounting clips and additional technical solutions make the installation of the Free extremely easy and efficient, resulting in a significant saving in installazione.Ad time as the drilling template in Plexiglass with reinforced inserts ensures reliability in processing . The eccentrics for the three dimensional adjustment of the doors allow to realize a precise and uniform joints on all the perimeter of the wall unit. The program Free also characterized dallimpiego of several common allintera family components, which results in clear economic and operating advantages for the manufacturers.

  • Free Hfele flap

Mechanisms flap doors amortized

The flap Free Hfele ante systems are equipped with a locking system for assisted opening and closing amortized. The element of novelty resides then nellutilizzo of mechanisms which absorb the movement in both directions, both during opening and closing. This system therefore makes it the most lightweight and comfortable dellanta operation, regardless of the type of movement used. The Free mechanisms are suitable to all the major types of doors, both for materials that for dimensions. Free fold, swing Free, Free and Free up flap. Free fold an opening mechanism for wall cabinets with height from 450 mm to 1040 mm, provided with folding half-wings, able to ensure fluid movements and reliable even in the presence of doors from the relevant weight; the minimum resistance in the opening phase in fact makes the operation extremely pleasant and soft. Free swing instead the ideal choice when the overhead door of the cabinet, even large, must be raised above the pensile.Free hat up a vertical lift mechanism for hanging doors and is the ideal solution for any mobile located lower compared to other elements. Free up suitable for wall cabinets with height of 320 mm to 600 mm to be included in the kitchen, bathroom and living room. The mechanisms Free flap, already present on international markets, are characterized by unelevata ease of installation and a compact design. The Free flap, now also available with the convenient push to open, offered in two versions for leaves weighing from 1 to 15 kg.