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Pozzi Group: a cutting-edge company

The Pozzi Group brings together three important companies: Pozzi Ferramenta, System Holz and Metal Stampi. These are companies that stand out in the market for the constant offer of complete and innovative products.

L’ System Holz company, è world leader in the production of aluminum profiles and doors (also sliding).

Taking into account all the trend changes that take place within the furniture sector, and beyond, the company stands out for being at the forefront in the study of materials always new and styles in total synchrony with the latest design and construction updates.

  • aluminum sliding door profile

System Holz aluminum profiles and sliding doors

The profiles for doors are subjected to daily stresses, bumps, scratches, abrasions caused by aggressive materials.

For this they must be made to very high standards that take into account all the dynamics that involve them every day.

System Holz aluminum profiles for sliding (but also hinged) doors have a minimum thickness and have an unrivaled sturdiness.

  • aluminum sliding profiles and doors

System Holz Aluminum: the guarantee of quality in aluminum profiles

L’ aluminum è a light, resistant and easily workable material.

Furthermore, through the anodization process è possible to make it even more ugrave; resistant to any abrasive agents, temperature and shocks.

The System Holz Aluminum division entrusts the oxidation process of aluminum to the subsidiary Oxidal System . Ciò allows a high degree of control throughout the supply chain to guarantee, in each of its 1100 different types of aluminum profiles, the best finishes and the best quality standards.

The aluminum doors of System Holz Aluminum are delivered già mounted complete with glass to ensure the best efficiency to its customers.