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Profiles for sliding doors

Subjects of great importance in unabitazione, especially as regards the type of material used to make them, are the doors and for doors profiles. After the work tops, doors and profiles for doors are the surfaces most exposed to shocks, wear and tear, scratches and fall of aggressivi.Il Pozzi Group materials, in particular with the company System Holz, able to meet any Nellambito need of profiles for doors, since takes into account the constant changes of the mobile world: new materials, different choices of style, design and construction updates. Each producer, to express forcefully their potential and strategies, must be able to have partners up to this task. Hardware for furniture has seen the birth of a new dynamic and flexible entity - the Pozzi Group - able to respond adequately to these esigenze.Si is a group which, since its establishment, has made total service a strong point. In fact, three established companies: Wells Hardware, System Holz and Metal Molds with an offer of dinvidiabile completeness products.

  • aluminum profiles for doors

Aluminium profiles for sliding doors

In addition to possessing a very appealing look, the profiles for sliding aluminum doors provide an unparalleled robustness, with a minimum thickness when compared to most tradizionali.Il Pozzi Group materials, with the enterprise System Holz, promising such profiles for doors aluminum in all colors and finishes required. The aluminum is mainly extracted from the mineral bauxite and is characterized by the remarkable lightness, combined with a remarkable resistance and excellent aluminum malleabilit.L'ossidazione (also called anodisation) it allows to make the material more resistant to ' abrasion and to temperature, making it suitable for the production of mechanical parts. The anodization involves the superficial part of the aluminum article, which in contact with oxygen, oxidizes developing a protective layer consisting dallallumina. The Pozzi Group realizes the oxidation process in-house: this distinctive and another of its added values.