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  • Furniture accessories and electrified profiles

Furniture accessories and electrified profiles

For over twenty years Pavanello works in the field of technology and furniture accessories. In addition to having a fully stocked warehouse hardware for the commercialization of the best brands, Pavanello has initiated several years Metalika, a specialist for the independent development of its own products such as accessories and innovative components for wall units, including electrified profiles. ?? Metalika designs and builds custom-made steel furniture, brass, stainless steel brushed and polished, especially for the best brands of clothing. Lofficina equipped with avant-garde equipment including plant Sheet metal laser cutting, CNC bending machines, and polishers, and so on. The company staff consists of experienced and dedicated staff, able to guide the customer in the various stages of design to the realization of the final project.

  • Electrified profiles for display walls

Electrified profiles for display walls

The electrified profiles in Kremens-light rack of Pavanello for exhibition walls, lead lelettrificazione low voltage over the entire length of the profiles, ensuring a perfect connection at each point, without cables and power outlets. The LED lighting system allows adequate light, reduces energy consumption, ensures long life of the product in tempo.Tra the most innovative products of Pavanello, stands Texture Profile, a revolutionary rack wall system that allows the insertion of fabric prints due to the special silicone tape combines a light and elegant look with the practicality of being able to change the graphics with his bare hands. Can the backlight for high-impact images, (with PERL tissue), an alternative to the classic wall covering panels. The closing intelligent system allows rapid assembly of the profiles and an easy change of the prints, reducing costs and the risk of damage in transit.