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  • mechanism superimposed Bortoluzzi Systems

Sliding doors guides

Allultima edition of Interzum, Bortoluzzi Sistemi has exposed its known range of products: from overlapping sliding doors up to systems belonging to flush mechanisms for doors weighing from 10 to 100 kg and width from 45 to 200 cm. In addition the enterprise offered visitors the innovative Glow superimposed sliding mechanism. It is a new product for cabinets with overlapping doors equipped with rails aluminum quick locking and a magnetic damper truly revolutionary in opening and closing.

  • Glow by Bortoluzzi Sistemi

mechanism Glow

The mechanism, patented by Bortoluzzi Systems, combines a hydraulic retarder magnetic someAction following lanta until expiry or complete allapertura dellarmadio. What other advantages are the Glow? The device permanently deletes the noise level of operation and allapertura resistance, which shared in the traditional cushioning systems and simplifies even more fitting thanks to an innovative fasteners lock. One can therefore say that Glow inaugurates a new era in sliding mechanisms, guaranteeing lightness and a smooth and quiet movement.