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  • Legabrox Blum guide

Drawer runners

The slide rails allow the drawer to open and close smoothly, light and elegant, without a hitch. A drawer that flows well improves the quality of life, so guides are highly functional dimportanza fundamental and convey a sense of ease and dynamism that pervades all areas of casa.Tra the largest producers of guides stands Blum, which also offers various models among which is Legrabrox. The aesthetics of this guide characterized by a linear and simple design, combined with high quality materials. The sides are straight both internally and externally and incredibly thin, with a thickness of only 12.8 mm. All components are perfectly coordinated with each other and develop harmonic passages. It is a system of versatile possibilities duso in the kitchen, bathroom, living and sleeping area, just like the living styles.

  • Blum drawer slides

Blum drawer slides

Inside the furniture, the elegant inner dividing system Ambia-Line ensures the order in its most perfect form thanks to frames positioned as desired. Blum also offers Legrabrox free, creating a new design variant: beside Legrabrox well with opaque metal surfaces, Legrabrox free persuades thanks to a customization freedom even more, because of the slide-in units of large size glass, wood, stone or skin. The overview thus evokes spaciousness and lightness and materials such as wood, stone or skin are very trendy and sophisticated. It also provided the nominal length of 650 mm for the side-wall heights M, C and F, and in all colors. In this way Legrabrox offers even more freedom of design for high quality furniture.