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Ante innovative spotlight

Modern furniture is increasingly equipped with doors in the wall units, because they are ergonomically advantageous and follow the attuali.Aventos trends, the ante program Blum fore - Austrian manufacturer of accessories and furniture fittings - in its variants makes it possible to its use in any room of the house. Whether they are mounted folding doors, or open vertically, tilting or even to standard opening, Blum offers the ideal solution for almost any kind. The doors can be arrested in any position and can therefore be easily reached for they can be close. All are equipped with Blumotion, the system that assures a smooth and silent closing

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Expanded program of lift systems

Blum recently presented Aventos HK-XS for small to standard lift systems. The solution is based on a new way to build and perfect designed for applications on the refrigerator or dispensa.Aventos HK-XS completion of the program of the famous lift systems already Aventos HF, for doors with front split into two parts, Aventos HS, very large (even higher frames or PANELLING-ti), Aventos HL front, to conceal electrical appliances, and Aventos HK as well Aventos HK-S for modern doors standard used fore in all environments the casa.Nuova also the door with folding Aventos HF opening with possible applications "oblique joke" and "fake joke", to achieve optimum of modern design ideas in the wall units.