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  • wing folding mechanism Blum

Mechanism for folding doors

The lift systems are a must not only for modern kitchens, but often also for the living area. To make them work optimally, you need a door system to the forefront of excellence. Blum, the Austrian specialist in the field of furniture fittings, with Aventos HK-XS offers a solution that does not require much space and ideal for small lift systems in wall cabinets or in furniture colonna.Tutto what they are able to making accessories for lift systems, Blum is demonstrated with Aventos, its special product program. Whether they are mounted to pivoting doors opening, folding, vertical, or standard opening, always ready for you the ideal solution for almost any kind.

  • Aventos HK-XS Blum

for folding doors system small

The last system folding doors that even the smallest home Blum Aventos HK-XS, a compact system for small doors ribalta.Aventos HK-XS, thanks to its slim design offers a great freedom of construction , allowing the realization of the mobile bodies even with reduced internal depth, for example in the kitchen above the fume hood or in the bathroom on the basis lavabo.La symmetrical force can be used on one side or on both sides. Thanks to the use of both sides can also realize more large and heavy fronts, progressive stopping also allows you to stop the sash in any position, ensuring extreme comfort of movement.

  • Blum system flap door

Mounting system flap doors

Regardless of the size of the frontal, the mounting positions of the core strength always remain unchanged. The assembly of the folding doors system Aventos HK-XS Blum particularly easy and almost without tools thanks to Clip.Mediante mechanism a continuous adjustment of core strength, the front stops in any position. Combined with Blumotion, even small doors close silently and effortlessly. Aventos HK-XS can be used with Tip-On on all the small doors without handles.