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Pozzoli since 1964, collaborates with industry of the major Italian designer brand furniture-design to develop metal structures for sleeping areas of homes and residences: bedrooms for children and teens, bedrooms for couples or single.Pozzoli proposes the bed base more suitable for every need: flat nets, collapsible networks, to networks and container tippers orthopedic nets. Our continuous market research we have to understand that our customers' needs have changed: the space available in homes are increasingly reduced and we therefore thought it necessary to propose solutions to these requests: structures for sleeping beautiful and functional but reduced volumes explain azienda.Pozzoli did not address alone this entrepreneurial path, but supported by unesperta guide, the architect Giulio Manzoni, who for years devoted particular attention to the study of multifunctional products and new technologies.

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for double beds networks

Small Spaces, presented by Pozzoli at the recent Expo-Sicam of Pordenone a very broad collection includes eighteen products including beds, desks, tables, horizontal networks and verticali.Ogni single product designed and tested to the smallest detail, nothing left to chance. Our commitment was to make it functional and aesthetically impeccable furniture to be included in small houses or hotel rooms in the state azienda.Click Top a bed net in hinged orthopedic metal vertically with piston mechanism and desktop hardware with or without shelf. And available for shelf hardware or only hardware table. Click V Sof Syncro instead a bed net in hinged orthopedic metal vertically with piston mechanism.