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  • model Aladdin Pessotto Reti

bed system

More than fifty years of experience to Pessotto networks, which became synonymous with high specialization in the production of innovative bed systems as well as anatomical supports, intended allindustria dellarredamento, contract furnishing, retailers of settore.Al Sicam 2014 is held in Pordenone 14 to 17 October 2014, the rule of Pessotto staff presented the latest news, testifying to a constant search for innovative technical solutions in the creation of highly customized bed systems. In addition to research, the selected raw materials, internal processes high automation and components tested individually are the main ingredients of a quality product made in Italy, which is the result of a successful synthesis of passionate craftsmanship and modern technologies. A solid and safe product, increasingly appreciated today for its versatile functionality and reliability, its innovative content, its exclusive patents. Aladdin and Al, for example, are elegant and functional foldaway beds with balanced opening, ideal for the optimization of the spaces in the house. Practical in everyday use are distinguished by the strength of the mechanical, especially Aladdin for the original and elegant footboard panel.

  • Booster System bed Pratk Pessotto Reti

Booster systems

Production flagship Pessotto Reti Pratk, the only upside bed system, in contrast to common systems on the market, where the rise of the plan takes place in a single movement, easily and without sforzo.Prat k a patented one of its kind that allows you to: make the bed in extreme comfort, ventilate the mattress preventing the proliferation of mites, take advantage of the space underneath the mattress. Pratk available in three versions: Standard, Eco and Delux. The Delux model variant with the electric motor Pratk system: with a simple remote control can raise the bed, effortlessly and without bulky parts that take place in contenitore.Infine automatic pull-out of next generation networks and Sky are Eolo solid and easy to handle at the same time, allowing easy extraction from under the bed and positioning in complete safety and comfort.