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high rate of reliability hinges

Florida an industry for molding and turning hinges, hinges, concealed hinges, hinges for Euro and accessori.In profiles thirty years of activity has evolved from artisan in a small workshop in turning to production capacity of a real industry. Its specialized production strength allows so to satisfy the most diverse needs of customers, providing a secure technological quality product, but while safeguarding craft values u200bu200bin the care of every detail.

  • The hinge Florida

Symbio: easy to assemble

Symbio the hidden hinge for flush wall doors easy to assemble and adjust on the three axes, for aesthetic and thermal and acoustic insulation perfetti.La door installed is recorded vertically, transversely and in depth both on the side door, both on the frame side of the hinge. Among the latest products, also stands out Eurotec, the new universal hinge for Euro hollow profiles, which can be applied on doors and windows produced in different materials such as wood, PVC, aluminum and wood-aluminum.