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  • aluminum profile for bathroom

Decorative profiles to customize any environment

Progress Profiles, Venetian company specializing in the field of technical and decorative finishing profiles and laying systems, offers insiders unampia range of products that connect and protect the coating and at the same time personalize spaces. Inside the PROLISTEL line, decorative aluminum strips, steel and chrome-plated brass, so vast the variety of finishes to suit every kind of color coordination or contrasto.Perfetti for ceramic, marble and mosaic, the PROLISTEL profiles in steel version are available with the new leather effect finish or squares - in addition to the classic model in polished or satin stainless - while in the aluminum version, with flat or convex surface, the color range is expanded further. It ranges dallanodizzato the brushed, polished by allanodizzato brushed tiltex (all available in silver, copper or titanium), the Tuscany line (gray beige or bronze) to the Black line where the new finish black crep was introduced (available also in polished chrome-plated brass). Moreover, the bandwidth of the variable strip from 4.5 to 25 mm.

  • aluminum profile with led


The same line also includes an innovative PROLISTEL LED strip in silver anodized aluminum or polished chrome, 20 mm wide and 8 mm high, equipped with an integrated LED lighting system, warm light, cold and neutral designed to give a new light not only in bathrooms and kitchens, but also in living environments. PROLISTEL is installed with ease using the same glue ceramic or wood floors, wall or floor, regardless of the thickness of the coating. This simple line of decorative moldings gives modernity and lightness to the environments, ensuring unalta possibility of personalization of spaces, and weve lasting protection coatings and safety of high-quality materials.