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  • Sliding rail systems

Sliding rail systems

In addition to the latest trends in the field of finishes, the furniture industry is currently dominated by three guidelines: thin joints, front without handles and practical functions and silenziose.In occasion of Interzum 2015, Hettich has introduced systems that transform these trends into reality marketable and focused on specific market segments. For example, new systems of Actro Hettich 5D guides are a pleasure for the senses: enchanting sight, hearing and touch. With Actro 5D leaks are adjustable with an accuracy of up to a tenth of a millimeter. To make s that the joints are thinner as possible are extraordinarily safe hold of the drawer on the guide and the large vertical and horizontal stability. With Actro 5D drawers move in very silent way, light and fluid, communicating a feeling of considerable value. the particularly sensitive closure also thanks allammortizzatore incorporated Silent System. Upon request, the Actro 5D system can be equipped with the opening function amortized Push to open Silent. It is designed to withstand up to 80kg, driving permits The application for large format furniture. The guidance system Actro 5D promises many opportunities for differentiation while preserving lean production, since it uses the same guide both in wooden drawers, both new Avantech drawer system.

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Hettich guide system

At Interzum it was also present Avantech, a new system for high-quality aluminum drawers, behind whose front hides a minimalist design. The linear design, well-defined edges, on the lip there are no holes or cover-plates: the new Hettich system leaves no room for compromise. In addition to the remarkable stability of the new guide Actro 5D held, AvantTech also impresses silenziosit.Altra innovation Hettich was at Interzum, InnoTech Atira, the new system for drawers that combines interesting differentiation opportunities with undoubted cheapness. The square profiles and well-defined, the multiple color variations and variety of additional elements are, together allinvitante internal organization, the perfect mix for those who want more customization. The InnoTech system Atira born inside a concept of economic platform based on a single frame and is part of the InnoTech program.